Visualize the accuracy of your search model in real-time with Rinalogy Predict

See how you can save time by quickly reviewing seed documents and applying Rinalogy Predict with real-time precision.

Rinalogy Predict is a Technology Assisted Review (TAR) application for document review, which incorporates machine learning capabilities and enables users to actively train the software over time. Using TAR, Predict users can classify documents in a database using classes or tags and view the model quality in real-time.

Predict users can also determine when to stop reviewing documents based of the model quality and run the model forward to classify all of the documents in a large data set.

In the legal world this process is called predictive coding.

Requires Starting Set of Reviewed Documents (Seed Set)

The process starts with users reviewing an initial set of documents and assigning tags to each document.

Learning Process

Predict provides a thorough review of every document and will learn from user feedback to generate new and better results.

Faster Results

As a cloud-based solution Predict analyzes and filters Big Data quickly.

Shows Model Quality in Real-Time

Users can determine when to stop the process based on the quality of the model.

Plug-in Technology

Predict can be integrated with other technologies using Rinalogy’s API.

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